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Stella Overview

Stella Monitor & Floor-stander

Compact Size. BIG sound. Great value.

WLM Stellas are a compact version of the highly-acclaimed La Scala, featuring La Scala’s expansive soundstage, focused imaging and organic sound signature. Stellas are ideal for smaller listening rooms. But don’t let their size fool you – they sound BIG and go deep!

Starting at $2,250 per pair
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Lascalas Overview

La Scala Monitor & Floor-stander

Class-leading timbre. Expansive soundstage. Authoritative bass and seductive midrange.

One listen and you’ll know why we say the critically-acclaimed La Scalas are on a quest to redefine performance in their size and price class! Try them in your listening room and let the La Scalas spoil you with performance well beyond their price point.

Starting at $4,500 per pair
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Diva Overview

Diva Monitor & Floor-stander

Your music delivered in an astonishingly natural way, with outstanding dynamics!

Diva’s unique concentric twin-driver (coaxial) loudspeaker design offers a direct connection to the essential core of your music. If your budget supports this level of transducer, let WLM Divas raise your listening experience to the next level of emotional involvement.

Starting at $5,200 per pair
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Minueta Overview

WLM Minueta Stereo Integrated Tube Amplifier

An emotionally charged, effortless musical presentation

Minueta is designed around four EL84 tubes in user-switchable Triode / Ultra-Linear modes — offering 5 / 14 Watts RMS per channel of pure Class-A sonic bliss, backed by premium components and build quality.

Starting at $3,750
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